Lynda Holt

No one knows how to overcome the challenges life throws at you more than Lynda Holt. Wheelchair bound since birth, Lynda has won silver medals in both shot put and discus at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics and understands how self-doubt, lack of confidence and fear can inhibit a person from reaching their full potential.

Lynda began her working life initially in the corporate world for several years, first in recruitment and then in the medical emergency field.  Having found success as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer and creating NLP Fitness Solutions, Lynda has decided to bring her skills to NDIS participants so that they too can embrace life confidently.  Together with Chris Hardy they created Choice Consultancy.

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate in Mentoring
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy and NLP
  • Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy 
  • Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Diploma of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Practitioner of Time Based Therapy
  • Extended Disc Accredited Consultant
  • Coaching

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Christopher Hardy

 Living, embracing and experiencing ones potential has always been a mantra in Christopher Hardy’s life. He served in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf Wars on a hospital ship, working to provide essential medical and mental support to injured personnel on a daily basis. Upon completing his tour of duty, he began a new life in Los Angeles where he worked for the Los Angeles Police Department as an instructor for 9-1-1 operators. As a trainer, he had to provide measured and constructive verbal and written direction to his trainees while providing them with the confidence to provide life saving advice to callers.

Upon moving to Australia, he took on a life long challenge and dream to build a successful cafe with his partner. The success of the cafe was based on Chris’ cumulation of his rapport with his customers and staff. Understanding his customers needs, the market and the training of his employees, greatly made the cafe the “go to place” in the small community on the Central Coast.

 After selling the cafe and moving back to the city, Chris met Lynda while working at a leading travel insurance company. They both realised the need for training people in life skills. Together they built Choice Consultancy which will live by its promise to Inspire - Create - Empower people to success in every aspect of their life.

  • Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Coaching

chris profile

Your Life - Your Way - Your Choice

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Michael Gilbert
Senior Physiotherapist

Michael Gilbert graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy. Michael has since worked in private practice, across a number of aged care facilities and providing in home patient care. 

His fields of interest include musculoskeletal, exercise rehabilitation and chronic pain management. Michael is a caring and empathetic listener who is passionate about empowering patients with knowledge, and providing them with individualised care to help achieve their functional goal and improve their lifestyle.

  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Masters of Physiotherapy
Michael Gilbert

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Louise Sauvage OAM
Motivational Speaker

Eight-time Paralympic gold medalist Louise Sauvage one of our greatest Paralympians of our time has joined Choice Consultancy as one of our Motivational Speakers. 

Having since retired from competition Louise now trains some of our World Record holding Paralympians into the next championships.

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