About Us

"Living life from a wheelchair has gives me insight most other NDIS providers can't possibly have unless they have experienced life as an NDIS participant.  I live and breath the daily struggles we all have with finding service providers who listen instead of just tell us what we need." 

lynda about us

How It All Started

Choice Consultancy was conceived with the sole purpose to provide the highest level of care and services to both the aged care community and those with physical or intellectual limitations. 

From our inception, we employ professionally, skilled and compassionately trained support staff who make it their mission to go above and beyond to effectively provide you or your loved one, with care and dignity.

Our approach and mission are to offer personalised care and tailored services to those in the community who need it most.

What Makes Us Different?

We can empathise and relate to your challenges and provide you with the necessary assistance so that you can achieve and maintain a better life.

As briefly mentioned above, our CEO, Lynda Holt, was born with Spina Bifida and has been confined to a wheelchair since birth. Being a part of the community, she understands first-hand the daily obstacles and challenges that are faced in our society.

Her wheelchair didn’t stop her from having a successful career in sports, winning numerous competitions, medals and trophies.  This cumulated with her competing in the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games where she won a silver medal for Australia. 

Always being an advocate for those in the community who are distressed and require assistance, she worked as a 000 operator and emergency assistance coordinator helping numerous persons in difficult to manage situations.

Always reaching for new heights, she’s currently also training hard and hopes to be able to compete in future Paralympics.

Also, having a family member who is now aged and has developed dementia, she fully understands first-hand the challenges faced with setting up essential services to help her loved one continue to feel supported and provided for.

Throughout all her achievements, her passion has always been in wanting to provide quality services to people with disabilities and the aged care population. 

We provide essential services, skills and tools that will even the playing field and give you more options and freedom in your daily life.

What’s Important To You Is Important To Us

Understanding your needs and properly managing your services come hand in hand.  As a registered NDIS and Aged Care provider, we aim to provide and develop a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with our clients. 

We look to cultivate our relationship with you by providing individualised service which will put you with the best qualified care available.

At Choice Consultancy, we recognise, respect, promote and celebrate the value of cultural diversity and have adopted and implemented inclusive policies and strategies which advance cultural diversity.  We understand for many, English isn’t their first language, so additional support can be provided to assure clients can communicate with our staff.

Our objective with all the services we offer, is for you to have the support and care you require, when practical, in the comfort of your home.

Simplifying Things

If you’re new to the NDIS or Aged care, our customer service agents can walk you through the process.

We have extensive and firsthand knowledge of both services since our executive staff are either receiving or have worked for both agencies.

The process can be overwhelming, but we welcome your call and we will be delighted to answer all your questions and concerns regarding either program so that you can get started with getting the assistance you require.

We would love to earn your trust.

If You Have Any Questions, Just Ask!

Your Life - Your Way - Your Choice