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At Choice Consultancy, we fully understand the challenges and set-backs that people with disabilities and the elderly sometimes face. Our CEO Lynda Holt has been confined to a wheelchair and understands the uphill battle that you face in every sector of your life and is also a carer for her elderly mother with dementia.

We provide essential services, skills and tools that will help you navigate the world around you a little bit easier.

Our CEO, Lynda, was born with Spina Bifida and has always been very active in sports, winning numerous medals and trophies throughout her young adult life. She reached the pinnacle in her sporting career when she won a silver medal in the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. After the games, Lynda continued to develop and reinvent herself by working hard through continued self - development courses, tertiary education and by starting two successful business.

It Wasn't Easy

Being knocked back from jobs because of the wheelchair was a commonplace occurrence. At one stage, Lynda worked for free in a recruitment agency with all her initial qualifications just to prove her ability as a worker. She ended up working harder and longer hours than the paid staff, while bringing in more clients just to impress upon her employer and colleagues that their perceptions of disabled people where false.

After continuing in several industries like the NSW Police 000 Department, travel insurance emergency medical evacuation and a few call centers, Lynda returned to her strengths in sports and disability advocacy.  

Choice Consultancy was created to provide services to NDIS participants and Aged Care clients.

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And We Can Do More....

We’ve added additional services because we want to give you back your time.... time that is lost when it could take you up to two hours to clean when you could have been out enjoying yourself but were too exhausted doing chores. We can offer you these easy to use services that will take the strain and worry out of your life so that you can enjoy and participate in life more! 

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